How to Repair 2GB PST?

The size limit of PST (Personal Storage Table) file is 2GB in earlier editions of Microsoft Outlook (2002, 2000 and 97). When file exceeds its size limit of 2GB or it reaches 2GB, you become unable to open or read PST file and you can not add more data to it. This is known as over sizing of PST file.

Microsoft released many different service packs, to avoid such problem. These service packs were released to restrict the adding of new data to PST file after over sizing.This mechanism can prevent the PST file from being oversized to a certain limit. But, when the over sizing of Outlook file happens,you cannot do any of the operations i.e. send/receive emails, notes making , appointments and many more until you delete large amount of data (emails with large attachments etc.) from the PST file and perform compressing of PST file to reduce the size. You face many problems related to the performance of the Outlook due to over sizing of PST file. Outlook starts performing slow when the file becomes larger in size.

Method to Repair 2GB PST

You can easily repair 2GB PST with Outlook repair tool. There are lots of commercial tools to repair 2GB PST but, Outlook Recovery software is aqualitative product as it recovers PST database at an unbelievable conversion rate but, it does not affect the quality. Some of qualitative features of this software are mentioned below:

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Free PST Retrieval Software showcase

You can download the try-up version of Outlook Recovery software for free software show case. This try-up software is free of cost. This cost less edition allows you to preview the recovered items and the recovery process. You cannot save the recovered PST database with this charge less edition of Outlook Recovery software.

Fully Operative Version

Fully Operative Version of Outlook Recovery software can fix all the problems related to PST database. This version can easily solve problems related to oversizing of PST file .It can also solve problems related to corruption of Outlook database. With this version you can view the recovered items, recovery process and you can also save the recovered PST database. You can Outlook 2GB rpair process with actual details and fields like before. As it doesn’t make any change to original database.